Garage Repairs




Technology in modern vehicles is changing all the time.  Here at Riverside Garage we know how important it is to invest in current diagnostic equipment and keep our technicians up to date with their training in order to diagnose vehicle faults as efficiently as possible.

A modern vehicle is full of sensors which work together and feed information back to the car’s central computer or ECU.  These sensors control everything from engine oil temperature to tyre pressures.  When one of these sensors detects an inconsistent reading or error it reports this to the ECU and a light may illuminate on the dashboard indicating to the driver that it has found a fault.

Some of these faults can be diagnosed and rectified quickly but others may be more serious.  If a light comes on it is worthwhile getting it checked at  a garage,  even if it has gone out again, because the fault will probably still be logged and it can be fixed or diagnosed before it becomes a major problem.

When carrying out diagnostic work we ask the customer to authorise us an hour’s labour charge to diagnose the fault.  If further diagnostic work is required we will continue work on the vehicle at an hourly rate updating the client after each hour passes so that they are aware of ongoing costs.

Our equipment can diagnose faults with the following systems:-

  • ABS
  • Airbags
  • Traction Control
  • Engine Management (petrol & diesel engines)
  • Climate Control
  • Transmission Control
  • Service light resets
  • Emissions – EGR and DPF issues

If a light is illuminated on your dashboard and you don’t know what it means or what to do, give us a ring at Riverside Garage and we will advise you whether it is safe to drive the vehicle and what you need to do.


Changing the cam or timing belt on your vehicle at the specified mileage or time interval is very important.  You can find out the recommended interval to change the belt by referring to your owner’s manual or give us a ring and our expert technicians can offer advice.

Problems arise when vehicles have changed ownership or have stopped following the manufacturers service schedule.

Not all vehicles have timing belts some have chains so it is important to check.

If your timing belt breaks it can cause severe damage to your vehicles engine leaving you with an expensive repair bill sometimes running into thousands of pounds.

If you don’t know when your timing belt is due to be changed it is a good idea to get it replaced as soon as possible and in our experience it is best to get have the water pump changed at the same time.  Not changing the water pump at the same time as the timing belt can cause just as much damage as not changing the cam belt at all.

The photograph shows a water pump which is leaking, this was only discovered when changing the cam belt on the vehicle, it had only covered 38,000 miles and was only 4 years old.

Speak to one of our fully qualified technicians for advice or phone on 01752 851276 to make an appointment.

Air Conditioning Service

As with other mechanical parts on your vehicle, the air-conditioning system also requires regular checks and servicing to make sure it is in good working order.

At Riverside Garage our fully trained technicians are able to offer an air-conditioning service on your vehicle as well as a re-gas if required.   We are also able to carry out an antibacterial treatment on your air-conditioning system to eliminate nasty smells and keep it healthy.

Please phone 01752 851276 for more information or a quote for an air-conditioning service.