Let Riverside Garage handle your servicing

It is important to maintain your vehicle regularly, this prolongs its life and should keep your running costs lower as any little problems can be picked up on by our trained technicians before they become bigger (and more expensive) problems. Most manufacturers have a recommended service interval which is usually every year or at every 10,000 – 12,000 miles, you can find out when your car should be serviced by looking in your owner’s manual.  Alternatively we can use our technical database to assist you in choosing when to service your car and what type of service is needed. Please ask us for a quote for your servicing requirements, we can carry out our own thorough service or we can carry out a service as specified by the manufacturer of your vehicle – the choice is yours.  We can also carry out a lubrication service – please ask for details.

At Riverside Garage we offer a “Riverside Service” which we feel, is one of the best vehicle services you can get – our services include the following checks:-


Test all lights and levels & replace or top up as necessary
Test all wipers & washers
Add oil flushing additive
Grease all door, boot & bonnet hinges as well as battery terminals
Test air-conditioning function*
Test air blower function
Test anti-freeze concentration
Check auxiliary belt condition
Test the battery condition and charging rate
Check exhaust system, suspension & brake components for wear
Drain engine oil (for at least 1 hour so completely drained)
Replace oil filter
Check levels on transmission system & top up as necessary
Check spare wheel if present and lubricate carrier for ease of  removal
Remove road wheels and clean mounting surfaces
Check tyre condition  √
Strip, clean & grease all brake components & mounting surfaces
Remove brake drums if applicable
Remove  brake pads and discs to clean inner edge of brake discs
Remove  brake pads to clean brake discs in place
Test handbrake cable position, clean & adjust and reset brake shoes
Push/wind back all brake caliper pistons
Clean off rust edges to prolong life and decrease noise
De-glaze the pads and discs and re-grease the carriers
Assess road wheel condition
Re-fit wheels to appropriate position and check tyre pressures**
Replace oil and check cam-belt intervals
Replace locking wheel nut key and document its whereabouts
Drain and replace fuel filter adding “Forte fuel conditioner
Clean out air filter box and replace air filter
Clean out pollen filter box and replace pollen (cabin) filter
Replace spark plugs in petrol engines including silicone grease
Check cambelt interval of vehicle in order to advise customer
Stamp service documents
Road test vehicle & apply service sticker

*If air-conditioning is not reading below -10°C then we would recommend an air-conditioning service.

**Wheels are torqued on and airguns are NOT used on locking wheel nuts as they can be damaged this way.


Please phone 01752 851276 to make an appointment or get a quote and discuss your servicing requirements.