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A unique decarbonisation technology

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The TerraClean Service

An introduction

Riverside Garage Tideford are pleased to be the only Terraclean Service Centre in South East Cornwall.  The benefits of this decarbonizing service are fantastic giving customers an immediate drive away difference.

So What is TerraClean?

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TerraClean is an advanced and effective decarbonising solution which is ideal for today’s higher compression, multi-valve, direct injection, petrol & diesel engines.  TerraClean will restore miles per gallon (MPG), reduce emissions and regain performance. All in all, Terraclean will improve the running and efficiency of your vehicle.

Keeping your engine decarbonised can improve fuel economy by 4 to 15%. Terraclean is designed to remove carbon from the combustion chambers and injectors to safely restore mpg, reduce emissions and regain performance.

TerraClean is an advanced cleaning system that requires unique patented machinery and chemicals that connect to the vehicle using high quality OEM specific adaptors. The machine takes over as the vehicles fuel tank and fuel pump. The process enables cleaning of internal engine components without dismantling the engine. Terrclean cleans tar, carbon and varnishes from fuel injectors, injection pumps, combustion chambers, valves, manifolds and oxygen sensors.

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EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Cleaning

EGR systems can become clogged with carbon deposits that can cause reduced power, misfiring, smoking and reduced MPG in diesel vehicles.

Cleaning EGR systems has traditionally involved component removal and cleaning by hand or replacement, which are both labour-intensive and expensive. Not any more…

Our new Terraclean EGR System Cleaning Tool enables us to clean and restore an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system without the need to dismantle the engine. The tool works by applying TerraDiesel EGR and Induction System Cleaner into the system to remove stubborn carbon deposits from the clogged system.

Benefits of the service:

  • Removes carbon deposits from the EGR system
  • Restores performance
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Reduces vehicle emissions
  • Solves variable vein turbo issues such as sticking turbo veins
  • Cleans the DPF (diesel particulate filter)

DPF Cleaning with Terraclean

Modern diesel vehicles are now fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) as standard as part of European rules that came into force five years ago.

When driving, soot settles on the cell walls of the filter and starts to clog the pores of the DPF unit. This layer of soot can be burnt off during the regeneration process of driving at constant speed for a prolonged period of time, such as motorway driving. During short journeys or city driving, diesel cars do not reach the required exhaust temperature to allow regeneration to take place. If this continues to happen and regeneration is no longer sufficient to clear the blocked filter, motorists can face some very expensive repair costs

Our patented DPF cleaning system means we can clean the DPF without the need of removal from the vehicle saving money on labour costs.

If you are have problems with your EGR or DPF please call Riverside Garage and speak to one of our trained technicians for advice on 01752 851276.

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