Tyres/Wheel Alignment

Tyres/Wheel Alignment


We stock a wide range of tyres which can be fitted while you wait and usually without an appointment if we have the correct size in stock.

You can also book a next day tyre fitting appointment here by choosing this link to our dedicated tyre website www.tidefordtyres.co.uk.  There you can order your tyres (not only GT Radial but other popular brands) and book your fitting appointment and then you pay for your tyres once they have been fitted.

We have a state of the art automatic tyre machine which ensures that the wheels of your vehicle will not be damaged during the tyre changing process.

Please call for a quote or visit www.tidefordtyres.co.uk to order online.



Riverside Garage Tideford are proud to be a GT Radial Performance Centre. We now stock and fit a full range of GT Radial Tyres suitable for cars, vans, 4 x 4 vehicles and sports cars.

GT Radial is a high quality fast growing international brand being sold worldwide and are supported by advanced research and development capabilities, modern manufacturing facilities and quality controls which consistently produce high quality products some of which are used as original equipment (OE) by some car and van manufacturers.



GT Radial has its own tyre testing facility based at the internationally recognised Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) in the U.K which provides product development and evaluation capacity support to the extensive GT Radial Research and Development Centre.
GT Radial tyres come with a lifetime warranty giving you, our customer, peace of mind. How does this work you may ask? Well, if any of your GT Radial tyres are damaged beyond repair, then the defective tyres will be replaced and you will only be charged for the proportion of the tread that you have already used.

For further information on the lifetime warranty, then please call in for a leaflet for the full terms and conditions.

Hunter 4-Wheel Alignment

Does your steering pull to one side?  Is your steering wheel off centre?  Do your tyres seem to be wearing unevenly?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then the steering on your vehicle may need to be aligned.

At Riverside Garage we have a Hunter 4 wheel alignment system which enables us to align all four wheels of your vehicle to the manufacturer’s specification which will rectify any steering issues you may have.

It is recommended that you have your vehicles’ wheels aligned:-

  • Every 12,000 to 15,000 miles
  • When you have been involved in an accident or collision
  • When you have hit a pothole or a kerb
  • When you have your tyres changed
  • When you have any suspension or steering parts replaced on your vehicle
  • When you have been advised to do so

Please ask one of our qualified technicians for advice on wheel alignment, it doesn’t take long and it can be easily done when your car is with us for a service or repairs.  At the end of the check you will be given a printout of the before and after readings which show any adjustments which have been made.